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Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Women of Peace Awards.

2017 Women of Peace Award Winners


Cassandra Fleck - New York - Survive To Thrive was created to ensure compensation for mental health treatment for survivors of sexual assault that do not qualify for other avenues of funding. The mental health consequences of sexual assault are vast with nearly a third of the survivors experiencing PTSD 9 months after the assault. Their vision is that no survivor will need to sacrifice their mental health/healing in order to maintain financial stability.



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Aima Raza New York, NY - Aima runs Peace Project Inc., a peace education organization that creates safe, tolerant communities by increasing respect and mutual understanding between and amongst communities from different faith, ethnic and cultural traditions.



Cassandra.jpg (169592 bytes)Vanessa Ferrer - St. Petersburg, FL - Vanessa founded Para Adelante, whose mission is to provide funding for degrees in higher educations to impoverished women in Latin America. The scholarships cover tuition, school fees, and supplies for their studies, as well as transportation to and from class, housing, food, tutoring services, and childcare. Both current recipients are survivors of domestic violence. Para Adelante empowers women by through education to be self sufficient and enable them to provide for their families. The recipients are required to do community service including helping other women in their community. Such recipients have volunteered in the center of the local library to empower and assist other women in the community with their business start ups. 

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Veronika Scott - Detroit, MI.The Empowerment Plan is a Detroit nonprofit dedicated to serving the homeless community. We hire single parents from local shelters and train them to become full-time seamstresses so that they can earn a stable income, find secure housing, and regain their independence. Having employed 45 homeless individuals, we stand by our belief that homelessness should not be a life sentence


Chritine B.jpg (1427668 bytes)Christina Bogdanova - Madison, TN - Merging both her backgrounds in health and psychology, Christina founded Immersion Retreat, Inc.  Immersion Retreat aims to help women by utilizing the therapeutic and healing abilities of art, music, and nature, while teaching them to live in harmony with themselves and their situations.  Since its founding, Christina has dedicated her efforts to make sure that the Immersion Retreat organization provides a safe, stress free, and open environment for women in distress.



Jeanne & Linda.jpg (103701 bytes)Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald - Nova Scotia - Recognized for their work in exposing the vast human rights violence suffered by women and girls, including human trafficking and non-state torture. 



Yana Spencer - Cornwall, UK - After surviving lung cancer, Yana decided to leave her career inyana1.jpg (178432 bytes) international journalism, and set up Tamu Bakery, a social enterprise empowering women affected by gender-based violence around the world through baking therapy. Her first project was working with young women in Kenya and subsequently run projects in Viet Nam, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Ukraine, UK, Montenegro, Kosovo ... she is changing the world one women and one cake at a time. 



Graciela Perez Rodriguez - San Luis Potosi - Graciela has dedicated the past 5 years to search for her disappeared daughter in Tamaulipas Mexico. She has rallied families searching for their disappeared children and has become an advocate by challenging the federal and local government. She has championed improved search and identification protocols and developed the first citizen led DNA data banking initiative.


Cristina Avila-Zesatti - Zacatecas, Mexico - Cristina worked for large corporate media  and had a brilliant career asme-and-my-soul.jpg (273342 bytes) a. journalist, but left everything to found a media that only focuses on the peaceful initiatives of the world,. She named it “Peace Correspondent”.   She has faced many adversities to keep up with her journalistic initiative. Everyone told her that she would have no success, but the information media is she started has been on the air for 8 years, and has many readers. It has helped thousands of people in the world know the other part of history, solidarity and nonviolent attempts.




   Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc. is accepting applications for it's 2018 Women of Peace Award. The deadline is May 31st.

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"If people only knew how hard it is to be wounded, to die, they would all be meek and gentle, would not split into parties, would not incite mobs to attack one another, and would not kill. But when they are in good health they know nothing of this. When they are wounded, no-one believes them. When they are dead, they can no longer speak."  ~ Mihajlo Lalic 


wpe3.jpg (6212 bytes) FOOTPRINTS

What Will You Leave Behind?

Everyone leaves footprints. Our prints are made by the impression of our lives

on the sands of time. A person is remembered for the weight of his or her

character. For marks of accomplishment. For depth of faith. For beliefs. For shapes

of kindness. For length of compassion. For width of personal warmth.

For generosity. For values. When we leave positive impressions behind, we enhance the

lives of our friends and loved ones. We give them footprints to follow.

It can be as simple as including the Women’s Peacepower Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary

of 1% of your estate through a bequest gift. This means you make a decision and plans

now for your estate that will one day provide a legacy for years to come.

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