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Ways to Give

It's possible to give a gift to a friend, while also donating to Peacepower. 

Other ways to give are listed below. Women, children, and family violence activists all over the world benefit from your generosity.

ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) CASH GIFT 
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) PLEDGE - A pledge of any amount on any schedule may be made.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) BEQUEST - Designate the Foundation as a recipient of part or all of your estate.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) INSURANCE - Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of all or part of a life insurance policy.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) STOCKS - By contributing stock, you may receive tax advantages.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) MEMORIAL - Honor someone living or deceased, or celebrate a birth, Mother's Day, graduation or wedding with a gift to the Foundation.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) TRIBUTE TO WOMEN - Purchase a page in the cyber book to honor someone.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) TAX REFUND - Share your income tax refund with the Foundation.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) 401K - Designate the Foundation to receive all or part of your 401K.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) IN-KIND SERVICES - These can include donated printing, materials, and professional services.
ani_falling_money.gif (9498 bytes) Gift Annuity - Provides you with a lifetime of income and a significant tax savings while helping Peacepower's work.

Heed Advice Regarding Living Trust


By: Robert J. Bruss syndicated columnist who is also a lawyer.

Q. I own four apartment buildings free and clear. They provide more than enough net income for me. But, at age 74, I am thinking of slowing down a bit. "Managing the managers", as you call it, is getting to be a pain.

My wife passed away about four years ago from cancer, and our only daughter died about 15 years ago in an auto accident. I have no close relatives to whom I wish to leave my estate.

Since I am in excellent health for my age, I would like the freedom to travel. My will provides that when I die, my assets will go to the university that I graduated from a zillion years ago.

However, a speaker at the Rotary Club I attend mentioned a "charitable remainder trust" could provide me with retirement income for the rest of my life and I wouldn't be tied down by my apartment buildings. How would this work?  - Robert G.

A. A charitable remainder trust sounds ideal for your situation.

Your university will handle the legal details, agreeing to pay you a lifetime income based on your age and the value of your apartment buildings and other assets conveyed to the university. Of course, the university will sell the apartment buildings since it doesn't want to be in the property management business. The university will invest the proceeds and pay you the agreed income for your lifetime.

There are many advantages for both parties. The university now receives whatever assets you wish to include in the charitable remainder trust, and you have the satisfaction of making a substantial gift to your alma mater.

Of course, there are no capital gains or estate taxes. A charitable remainder trust is a win-win for everyone, except Uncle Sam. 

How to make a contribution to Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc.

If you wish to mail your gift please print this form and sent it to:     

Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1618, Zephyrhills, FL 33539
E-mail peace@womenspeacepower.org,    www.womenspeacepower.org

Pledge to Support Women’s Peacepower Foundation, Inc.




Phone:_______________________________________email:_________________ _________________

Women ’s Peacepower Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

( ) Enclosed is my check to WPPF in the amount of:

___ $5000 ___ $2500 ___$1000 ___ $500 ___$250 _____$100 ___$50 ___ $25 ___ other

(  ) I wish my gift to be used ____ Locally ____ Nationally ____ Internationally only.

(   ) I wish my gift to be anonymous.

(  ) I am pledging $____________ payable by ___________________(month/year).

(  ) Please bill me ____ monthly ____ semi-annually ____ Annually

(  ) I’m including WPPF as a beneficiary of my ____ will ____insurance policy ____ 401K ____trust ____ stock.

(  ) I’m making this gift in honor/memory of:



City, State, Zip:___________________________________________________

When you make a gift to WPPF in someone’s name both you and s/he become donors and a gift card is sent.

Women’s Peacepower Foundation, Inc. .... "Working to bring peace to the everyday lives of  women and their families".

   If you wish to mail your gift please print this form and sent it to     

Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1618
 Zephyrhills, FL 33539  
 e-mail: peace@womenspeacepower.org

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