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        Miriam Peirce     


Miriam Peirce became an Amigas Award winner in 1995 for her selfless work to bring together Methodist women to create enrichment programs for women incarcerated in prison in Florida.  She held organizing meetings to educate women on issues prisoners face.  She has tirelessly worked to offer assistance to women who want to set up programs for the women's prisons.  For a period of time she also wrote a newsletter for women who wanted to work with women prisoners.

Miriam appears here because her name was selected from a long list of ordinary women doing extraordinary things to make the world a better place.   Her name and the other honorees (listed elsewhere in this book) were nominated by their friends and loved ones as a way to make a contribution to Women's PEACEPOWER Foundation and recognize the wealth of contributions each one has given to her community.   

Peacepower introduces a book to recognize women who have touched our lives.

As mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, teachers, mentors and friends, women weave a web of connectedness through their gifts of love, wisdom, strength, dignity and grace. This book is intended as a recognition of the gifts of women, their power, importance, and the vitality they impart to their environments. This tribute is dedicated to both subtle and dramatic personal contributions of those women and girls included in its pages.


wpe2.jpg (2856 bytes)Mamie Borgess Burdeau

My grandma joyfully introduced me to the magic lands of opera, ballet art and travel. It wasn’t until I was grown that I realized she was whistling in the dark for she had experienced a difficult life with very little money. When I told her I understood that her life had not been easy, she laughed  and said "but I’ve never been bored." She was my role model.

Elizabeth.JPG (33311 bytes)Elizabeth Zantker

Aunt "E" raised race horses in Kentucky. She also mothered 46 nieces and nephews sent to her at various times to be taught how to work. She always talked about these children as if they were horses she was training. Before she died she gave Peacepower it’s first donation.

Elsie.JPG (26873 bytes)Elsie Mullett McCabe Grigalus Korbas

In the blue of his eyes or the curl of her hair, they are remembered. Filled with compassion and grace, strength and wisdom, She guided our lives, this woman, our mother. Her legacy endures; it infuses our days with lyrical spirit and bountiful love. Shedding light, sharing joy, this is our mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

We Love you, Children: Maureen, Morris, Linda, Diane, Thomas, Michael, Donald, and Rhonda. Grandchildren: Jay, Kimberly, Janeanne, Jennifer, Heather, Tonya, Timothy, Amy, Cara, Riley, Kevin, Kyle, Roxana, Breanne, Julia, Lindsey, Lauren. Great-Grandchildren: Alexandria, Tyler, Caitlin,  Bryn, Megan, Declan, Loren, Bailey, Kaylee, Dillon, Garret, Zachary, Justin, Ali, Jake, Matthew, Madeline, Julianna, Kadynce, Summer, Olivia, Cole.

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Angela.JPG (30011 bytes)Angela Burdeau Desloge

She was a dutiful daughter pushed  into graduating in Architecture at Washington University by a doting father who believed deeply in education. Instead of a career she became the mother of seven children. She tutored my brothers in math. Because of my mother I thought all women were more intelligent than men.  Love, Kiki

Kiki.JPG (33674 bytes)Kiki

This is dedicated to you for all the countless people (women, girls, men and boys) you have encouraged to look beyond themselves, to  live their dreams and to reach for peace.

Jennie.jpg (3023 bytes)Jennie Kranak

Jennie is a 1995 Amigas Award winner honored for her work as a volunteer to establish civil rights and anti-violence projects for women. 


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Joy.jpg (20355 bytes)Joy Davis Slaughter

I wanted to pay a tribute to my mom, the "queen of splits" in her bowling leagues and lover of nature and history. I am grateful for her encouragement, even when she doesn't always understand the wild things I want to accomplish. Her friendship is important to me, and I am thankful to share her life.

Joyce.jpg (44493 bytes)Joyce Borum - Caffee

You are childlike in your pleasure, elder in your wisdom. Like the beautiful native rugs you admire, your simplicity masks your intricately woven textures of independence, self-respect, intelligence, empathy, charity, and strength of mind and spirit. We know your design has been one of love and devotion to work, friends and family, and we look to you as a symbol of what is right in our world. 

Thank you Mother, grandmother and wonderful Woman!

Fern, Joy, Jean, Sandra, Sheryl, Meg and Augusta

rochelle.JPG (10141 bytes)Rochelle Barbara Rosborough Kornfield     (11/11/37 -  4/29/70)

Rochelle married and bore three beautiful daughters, Kimberly, Sharon and Johanna. Her husband was physically abusive. For five years she typically would leave and return to him until she divorced him. At the time there were no shelters or even an understanding of domestic violence and little support for single mothers. She tried to raise her girls, working as a very gifted public health nurse, but found the struggle overwhelming. After experiencing another very abusive relationship she gave up, dropped her children off at her parents home with the note.... you think you can do a better job of raising them?....well here is your chance....then she committed suicide. Her daughters were 8 1/2, 7, and 5 at the time. Rochelle is one reason I chose to be involved with domestic violence work, so others would have the choice of resources and support they need to escape the cycle of violence.

Honored By her cousin Roberta E. McIntosh

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glenda2.jpg (21155 bytes)Glenda Evans Middleton

Life's lessons can all be found in the Wizard of Oz, the battle of good versus evil and the struggle to achieve tremendous goals. Fortunately Dorothy and her friends are supported by Glenda the Good Witch, just as I was encouraged and nurtured by my older sister of the same name.

Although closer in stature to the Munchkins, my Glenda did represent shining goodness. At 4 feet, 11 inches she was an inspiring force. She married, taught school, raised two children, and served as a missionary in Africa for 29 years. Throughout her life she lived in other people's homes -- parsonages or missionary housing.

After her death in Africa, I thought of her clicking ruby red slippers and saying "I want to go home." And I knew that it would be to her very own home, one that she always carried in her heart.

In honor of Glenda Evans Middleton "The Good Witch" by her sister Gladys Jean.


Karen.jpg (23064 bytes) Karen Castor Dentel

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Karen graduated from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and from the University of North Carolina with a Master's Degree in Literacy Studies. As a fourth grade teacher in a high-poverty school in Gainesville, Karen established the Horizons Girls Club. The purpose of Horizons is to empower young girls with skills, knowledge, and attitudes to improve and direct their lives. Karen hopes to expand Horizons Girls Club to schools in Orlando, where she will complete her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida.


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