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What should be as natural as breathing, unfortunately must be taught. Women and their children must have the opportunity to live in a violence-free world, with enough food to eat, and adequate shelter. Women deserve meaningful work that pays a living wage.

The Women of Peace Award recognizes women in the US and other countries that:
    * demonstrate how violence against women and children is at the root of other forms of violence that tear at the fabric of the world

   * hold officials, institutions and governments accountable for their brutality against women and children

    * teach future generations the power of non-violence


From the foundation’s beginning in 1998, WPPF’s awards have been given to help make our homes, streets, and schools safer and more peaceful. The awards have been given to selfless, passionate women and girls who are working to promote peace. They receive a small monetary award, a certificate, award necklace, attendance at a workshop on non-profit development and receive technical assistance to help their project grow to reach more people. The purpose of the organization is to encourage grassroots projects to continue their life-saving work. WPPF seeks out small, under-funded peace activism projects. The foundation accepts recommendations for winners of Women of Peace Awards. Nominations can be sent to  peace@womenspeacepower.org.

Award Application Procedures and Qualifications 

 Print a copy of the nomination form by following this link

Women of Peace Award ( formerly know as Amigas Awards): 

Print the nomination form from this website and email or mail the nomination to the address provided. Include information and a photo demonstrating the types of activities the person has been involved in either through work, or as a volunteer.  Talk about how you think your Women Of Peace Award nominee has taken action in an area of violence against women or children.  Don't forget to include a contact name, address, and phone number for yourself and your nominee so that we can gather further information.

Women of Peace Award recipients will also be eligible to receive technical assistance in fundraising and long range planning. Our goal is to help small projects gain stability. Award nominations must be received before May 31st.  Awards are announced the last quarter of the year.

Peacepower is proud to support activists working in our homes and communities. Please help Peacepower continue its work by visiting the Ways to Give  

Women of Peace Award Guidelines

THE WOMEN’S PEACEPOWER FOUNDATION, Inc. was established in 1988. In the past PEACEPOWER has provided funds to innovative programs and projects that are working on finding solutions to the violence found in the home, in our schools, in our streets and in our environment.

The Women of Peace Awards are designed to recognize individuals that are working on cutting edge programs, or have created new ways of thinking about ending domestic violence or waging peace.

In keeping with PEACEPOWER goals, we want to publicly recognize women who are working in their communities to improve the lives of battered women and their children. We are looking for everyday ordinary women who are the unsung movers and shakers of the communities in which we live. The kind of person we want to hear about may be a volunteer who initiated a new program, or perhaps your nominee has recognized a need, and worked on creating a solution. Possibly you know of someone who has taken a stand on an important domestic violence issue in the workplace. Nominees do NOT have to be official volunteers or employees of a domestic violence program.

All Women of Peace nominees will receive a letter telling them about their nomination and a certificate. The recipients will be honored through a small financial contribution, a minimum of $250 made to the non-profit organization of their choice that is working to promote peace.

How to nominate an Women of Peace:

Send your nominations to: Women’s Peacepower Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 1618, Zephyrhills, FL 33539 or email it to peace@womenspeacepower.org


Women's Peacepower Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1618
 Zephyrhills, FL 33539  
  e-mail: peace@womenspeacepower.org


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